Welcome to my blog on New Church evangelization!

The purpose of this blog is to support and mentor New Church evangelization leadership and provide a gathering place for dialogue, expertise and materials that will help you in building the Lord’s New Church on Earth.  There will be sections on theological thought relating to outreach, there will be real examples of people out in the field doing the work and there will be links to resources that you can download, tailor for your individual circumstances and use in your efforts.

A secondary part of the mission with this sight is to establish community among New Church evangelists.  Community is absolutely necessary as we push forward with establishing this church which the Lord Jesus Christ envisioned in Revelation because with any effort in advancing the Lord’s Church, there is a negative pushback from hell and all its negative influences.   This pushback may come in the form of people from outside attacking the theology or motives of the New Church.  It may come in the form of resistance to change.  Probably, though, the most pervasive weapon hell uses against servants of the New Church is attack from within.  We all go through times of feeling broken by thoughts of failure, cowardice, self doubt and hopelessness. Those leading the charge by spreading the good news of the Lord’s new truths are in danger of being shredded unless we stand together and support each other.

My prayer is that you will find the courage and wisdom to serve in this cause.


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  1. samson says:

    Dear Rev. Dave,

    This an exellent work done from you Rev. Dave.

    Thanks once again.

  2. samson says:

    Dear Rev. Dave,

    Send me the materials.


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