United States Worship Size Statistics

Interesting statistics regarding congregation size:

59% of US worshippers attend services  averaging 7-99 people

35% of US worshippers attend services averaging 100-499

4% of US worshippers attend services averaging 500-999

2% of US worshippers attend services averaging 1000-1999

.4% of US worshippers attend services averaging 2000-9999

.01% of US worshippers attend services averaging 10000 plus

The median church has 75 worshippers on a Sunday.


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3 thoughts on “United States Worship Size Statistics

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I think it is very important to remember that the median is 75 even as many of the churches in the news and magazines have thousands of attendees.

    I suppose that some of these churches may have more members divided across multiple services.

    I see it as very important to aim for reasonable size groups 75-300 (in my opinion). If these groups used and owned (or not) appropriate sized buildings and tried to run an appropriate number of programs we could have a sense of energy, vibrancy and independence at “smaller” numbers.

    appropriate programs = not running church schools for most of our congregations. :)

  2. It is really food for thought. Here are a couple of interesting mega church stats: only 6% of attenders in US mega churches are non-churched before attending. That must have some implications relative to the New Church.

    Another one: 95% of mega church attendees describe themselves as “never volunteering” in the congregation. What do you make of that???

  3. Median church attendance = 75 = same as it was 25 years ago. These statistics highlight the need for us not so much to have bigger churches as to have MORE churches.

    Yes, those statistics come out lower because of multiple services. On a usual Sunday in Bryn Athyn there are 4 services + college vespers (+Grant Schnarr for a few weeks). If you count the Lord’s New Church the median attendance would probably be, um, 75.

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