Simple Strategic Planning for Small Congregations

Simple Strategic Planning Here is a slide deck outlining simple steps for how to come up with a strategic plan for a small congregation.   I am using the method I learned while studying not-for-profit organizations at Columbia University’s School of Business.  I wanted to boil the process down to simplest terms to try to keep the process from becoming overbearing when a congregation is really pretty simple.  My personal belief is that this process is an illustration of how to use the strength human beings have in their rational minds to plot out and achieve goals not otherwise possible.  Also, leaning to think backwards from a stated goal makes everything easier.

My note of caution, is that small congregations often really need to consider doing less rather than more.  Trying to do too much waters down a congregations efforts and leads to burnout and feelings of failure.simple strategic planning.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.  I love to help you build your church.simple strategic planning

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