The New Church of Boulder Valley

There is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ church.  Every church has its own unique personality as distinct as any individual human being.   The New Church of Boulder Valley is no different.   If you had asked Dave Roth, its founding pastor, if he could have predicted the ‘personality’ of the church as it grew, he would say no.   This speaks to the need for the freedom needed by church planters as they try to figure out what works as they try to establish the new church in their community.  It also speaks to how necessary it is for an absolute reliance on the Lord’s leadership.

A few distinguishing features of NCBV which now has about 60% of its membership not being baptized as infants into the faith: Informal Worship; Relaxed Style; Message is doctrinal and relevant to life; people are impressed by the ‘brutal honesty’ from the pulpit; Strong sense  of community;  People feel like they have ‘come home’ the first time they enter the building; contemporary music is a huge player in worship; small groups; prayer for others.

Click below for a short Utube video that will give you a flavor of their Sunday event.  I hope you enjoy it.  

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  1. Yousaf Masih says:

    Dear Brother,

    We are working in Pakistan by the name of The New Church in Pakistan but we have no response even we have been decieded that we should have to completion of our Patoral Course from The New Church of the New Jerusalem USA.


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