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September 2011

Update on the International Church – Evangelization Committee Report

I Internet: 208 of 197 countries have visited newchurch.org in the last 12 months. The Top Ten: 1: The United States 2: Canada 3: India 4: The Philippines 5: The U.K. 6: Republic of South Africa 7: China 8: Australia 9: South Korea 10: Pakistan II Goals of International Outreach A: Serving spiritual needs B: […]


Church of Truth Radio Broadcast

Baptism is deeper than Water – by Jonathan Rose and David Lindrooth profile

15 Baptisms in Orange County

There is a Korean speaking group that has been meeting in Orange County for the last couple of years.  Rev Jon Jin’s visit to them last week resulted in 15 people being baptized into the faith of the New Church.  It is very exciting to see this kind of new commitment developing.  It seems to […]