Financial Impact of New Planting Model on Denomination

Here are 2 spreadsheets taking the data from the Austin Plant model and asking the question of what is the overall financial impact on the funding denomination if we were to roll out a new church plant every other year.  The two spread sheets are very similar in conclusion, however, I favor the model assuming 30% success, 30% failure and 30% moderate success because it more closely mirrors success statistics in church planting in the United States today.GC Plantexpns303030 GC Plant expense raw GC Plantexpns303030


Model for Austin Texas Church Plant in 2010

There are many strategies for starting new churches that have been used throughout the ages.  The Austin model is one we developed after intensive research evaluating what would provide the highest chances for a new movement to gain momentum and permanence in a short amount of time.  You might notice that the plan includes the concept that plant congregations should be using their resources to sow the seeds for future church plants.  As such, we see this as the beginning of a new system that is replicating.   In time, this system will serve as the key force for establishing New Church Congregations at a level we have never been able to accomplish using an endowment driven model. This new model while initially supported by endowment, ultimately will be funded by other successful church plants.  He hope you will help us kick the tires of this model through dialogue and sharing your insights for how to start new churches.  Special thanks go to Mac Frazier for the countless hours devoted to this project. Lets plan to have a grand celebration of his efforts at the Salt Lick barbeque joint just south of Austin.

Finally, our prayer is that we can use this natural tool to serve the Lord in His vineyard for we ultimately recognize that while we till the soil, the Lord alone provides for germination and growth.

AustinLaunchPlan 20100120




How to Start a Youth Program

The New Church of Boulder Valley has gradually build a youth group over the last 5 years into a thriving program.  Andrea describes the initial vision and process they used to successfully cultivate the program.    You can view Andrea describing the program in the YouTube Video here.  Please take a little time to share your thoughts about youth programs by making a comment.


Ivyland Jazz Vespers Explores New Worship Format

Music and the Word have always made a great combination.   Tom Rose and the Ivyland New Church have developed an alternative vesper service combining contemplative Jazz with readings from the Word.   This YouTube video gives you a sample: