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December 2009


Jesus Christ is the One God of Heaven and Earth

I am citing a few of the many Bible passages that show that Jesus Christ is One with Jehovah the Father.


The Lord Wants You Back!

The Lord wants to be a part of your life. That’s the title for the sermon this Sunday at the Lord’s New Church happening at 9:30 this Sunday. Please joint us!


An Open Letter Honoring Don Rose

Don Rose was a Giant in this Church

The New Church of Boulder Valley


There is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ church.  Every church has its own unique personality as distinct as any individual human being.   The New Church of Boulder Valley is no different.   If you had asked Dave Roth, its founding pastor, if he could have predicted the ‘personality’ of the church as […]


How Bad Decision-making Can Bring Good Results

The Lord can turn a bad situation to good as we go through the process of regeneration. This applies to a church as well since we are all human, fallible beings prone to making bad decisions. So while we need to track from what the Lord wants for His church, we also need to exercise restraint in judgments.


A Church is Dead Without Innocence


Innocence is an essential leading dynamic of a church. Why? Because churches must be willing to be lead by the Lord.

A few passages from the Writings on Church Unity

The Lord unifies a church as people turn to Him, Rely on Him, do His goods, and work on regeneration. Sounds simple and it is, but don’t underestimate the power of that simplicity