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August 2009


Interviews of new members of the Ivyland New Church


Video of why new members chose the New Church

A little news from the Cowboy world




Duncan Smith Returning to Kenya

Duncan Smith will be returning to Kenya for the month of September to continue the development of the site in Riunde, Kisii.  We expect to see the completion of the orphanage dorms, parade grounds and outdoor worship area and class room space. mail

What The Bible Says About….

John Odhner has a series of articles online demonstrating how New Church Thought has a Biblical Basis. You can find them here by using the link in the Blogroll. Doug Taylor did something similar with his book: the Biblical Basis for New Church Teaching, which is, unfortunately out of print.


Korean Translations of Heaven and Hell reach “Best Seller” status!

“Heaven and Hell” translated by Elaine Kim, has been flying off the shelves in South Korea this year. Preparations are underway for its 4th printing as sales has reached the 10,000 mark! handbook

Breaking Barriers to Church Growth – Seminar by Nelson Searcy


Dave’s digest of notes and reflections form a Nelson Searcy seminar on Church Growth

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