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Simple Strategic Planning for Small Congregations

Simple Strategic Planning Here is a slide deck outlining simple steps for how to come up with a strategic plan for a small congregation.   I am using the method I learned while studying not-for-profit organizations at Columbia University’s School of Business.  I wanted to boil the process down to simplest terms to try to keep […]


Select Links to Christian Church Growth Websites

Here are a number of websites that contain useful and mostly free information on church planting and growth.  They make good reading for anyone who is considering participating in a church plant.  Please use the comment tab to add any links to sites you have found valuable. Links to Evangelization Sites: http://www.leadnet.org/default.asp http://www.edstetzer.com http://www.stephengrayonline.com/default.asp http://www.barna.org/ […]

Financial Impact of New Planting Model on Denomination

Here are 2 spreadsheets taking the data from the Austin Plant model and asking the question of what is the overall financial impact on the funding denomination if we were to roll out a new church plant every other year.  The two spread sheets are very similar in conclusion, however, I favor the model assuming […]

Model for Austin Texas Church Plant in 2010

Austin Church Plant Model

An Open Letter Honoring Don Rose


Don Rose was a Giant in this Church

The New Church of Boulder Valley

There is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ church.  Every church has its own unique personality as distinct as any individual human being.   The New Church of Boulder Valley is no different.   If you had asked Dave Roth, its founding pastor, if he could have predicted the ‘personality’ of the church as […]


United States Worship Size Statistics


Interesting statistics regarding congregation size: 59% of US worshippers attend services  averaging 7-99 people 35% of US worshippers attend services averaging 100-499 4% of US worshippers attend services averaging 500-999 2% of US worshippers attend services averaging 1000-1999 .4% of US worshippers attend services averaging 2000-9999 .01% of US worshippers attend services averaging 10000 plus […]


Success Factors in Church Planting (Board Report)


This is a powerpoint presentation developed for the General Church board of Directors about factors that increase church plant success. Please read thought it and contribute your ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Click on:  Church Planting Success Factors