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Closing the Back Door of Your Church


Congregations in the New Church, as with many denominations, are currently experiencing significant decline in worship attendance.  There are specific things a pastor and congregation can do to reverse that trend.  Closing the Back Door is a paper (click on the colored text to download) that I offered to the General Church Clergy in June, 2017 […]

Just What Does Jesus Say About Salvation?

Here is a link to a PDF with some thoughts and quotations about what Jesus Himself says about salvation.  I hope it stimulates some thoughts. What Does Jesus Say By Subject


The Lord’s Forgiveness

The Lord’s Forgiveness A few amazing teachings on how the Lord forgives: “The Lord is never angry, never takes revenge, hates, condemns, punishes, throws anyone into hell, or tempts him.  Thus the Lord never does evil to anyone!” (True Christian Religion 650) “There is in fact a sphere continually radiated from the Lord which raises […]


New Website Called “NewChurchPerspective.com”


Here is some interesting news emailed to me by Brian Smith.  He writes: “I would like to plug an awesome new project called ‘NewChurchPerspective.com’. Its basically an online magazine about New Church topics. NCPerspective now has articles by over 10 writers on a wide variety of topics. This is designed to be a platform which allows […]

Memorial Address Materials in PDF Format


Here is a PFD of Brian Keith’s collection of passages that are arranged topically for memorial services.  It is a wonderful resource for writing Eulogies etc. Memorial Address Material – reformatted podcast

Jesus Christ is the One God of Heaven and Earth

I am citing a few of the many Bible passages that show that Jesus Christ is One with Jehovah the Father.

An Open Letter Honoring Don Rose

Don Rose was a Giant in this Church


How Bad Decision-making Can Bring Good Results

The Lord can turn a bad situation to good as we go through the process of regeneration. This applies to a church as well since we are all human, fallible beings prone to making bad decisions. So while we need to track from what the Lord wants for His church, we also need to exercise restraint in judgments.


A Church is Dead Without Innocence


Innocence is an essential leading dynamic of a church. Why? Because churches must be willing to be lead by the Lord.

A few passages from the Writings on Church Unity

The Lord unifies a church as people turn to Him, Rely on Him, do His goods, and work on regeneration. Sounds simple and it is, but don’t underestimate the power of that simplicity