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General Church Administration

What is going on at the higher level of the GC


Financial Impact of New Planting Model on Denomination

Here are 2 spreadsheets taking the data from the Austin Plant model and asking the question of what is the overall financial impact on the funding denomination if we were to roll out a new church plant every other year. ┬áThe two spread sheets are very similar in conclusion, however, I favor the model assuming […]


Model for Austin Texas Church Plant in 2010

Austin Church Plant Model

An Open Letter Honoring Don Rose

Don Rose was a Giant in this Church

How Bad Decision-making Can Bring Good Results

The Lord can turn a bad situation to good as we go through the process of regeneration. This applies to a church as well since we are all human, fallible beings prone to making bad decisions. So while we need to track from what the Lord wants for His church, we also need to exercise restraint in judgments.


A Church is Dead Without Innocence


Innocence is an essential leading dynamic of a church. Why? Because churches must be willing to be lead by the Lord.


A few passages from the Writings on Church Unity

The Lord unifies a church as people turn to Him, Rely on Him, do His goods, and work on regeneration. Sounds simple and it is, but don’t underestimate the power of that simplicity

1984 Evangelization Committee Vision and Purpose

Interesting excerpt of vision and purpose toward evangelization from 1984. I assume that Doug Taylor is the author but the document I have is unsigned.


ANC GC Capital Campaign kickoff

I am in Rochester Michigan celebrating the formal kickoff for the capital campaign. the Oak Arbor New Church has worked hard in creating and presenting a message relevant to their community. Their work seems to be paying off with gradual growth and increasing name recognition in the community.