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Closing the Back Door of Your Church


Congregations in the New Church, as with many denominations, are currently experiencing significant decline in worship attendance.  There are specific things a pastor and congregation can do to reverse that trend.  Closing the Back Door is a paper (click on the colored text to download) that I offered to the General Church Clergy in June, 2017 […]


Simple Strategic Planning for Small Congregations

Simple Strategic Planning Here is a slide deck outlining simple steps for how to come up with a strategic plan for a small congregation.   I am using the method I learned while studying not-for-profit organizations at Columbia University’s School of Business.  I wanted to boil the process down to simplest terms to try to keep […]

Outreach Staff speak to why Small Groups Work

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCgtvrou4N8   This video highlights some reflections my staff had at a recent meeting on how small groups have helped them in their spiritual lives. guidelines


Vision: Working your Way Back


Vision: Working your Way Back As part of the opening session for Impact 365, Rev. David Lindrooth spoke about how we can become a church that makes a profound difference in the world. He discussed the process in three parts: clarifying our vision, combining it with prudence (our ability to think, strategize, and gain the […]

15 Baptisms in Orange County


There is a Korean speaking group that has been meeting in Orange County for the last couple of years.  Rev Jon Jin’s visit to them last week resulted in 15 people being baptized into the faith of the New Church.  It is very exciting to see this kind of new commitment developing.  It seems to […]


Reflections on my visits to Sydney and Perth

The New Church in Australia. There is a warm spot in my heart for the church in Australia- though my experience with it does not extend much beyond Sydney and Perth.  While some of that feeling may be attributed to the climate (hard to beat), there is spirit, determination and resiliency among the people there […]

New Website Called “NewChurchPerspective.com”

Here is some interesting news emailed to me by Brian Smith.  He writes: “I would like to plug an awesome new project called ‘NewChurchPerspective.com’. Its basically an online magazine about New Church topics. NCPerspective now has articles by over 10 writers on a wide variety of topics. This is designed to be a platform which allows […]


Financial Impact of New Planting Model on Denomination


Here are 2 spreadsheets taking the data from the Austin Plant model and asking the question of what is the overall financial impact on the funding denomination if we were to roll out a new church plant every other year.  The two spread sheets are very similar in conclusion, however, I favor the model assuming […]

How to Start a Youth Program


Andrea describes the development of the youth program at the New Church of Boulder Valley.


Ivyland Jazz Vespers Explores New Worship Format

Music and the Word have always made a great combination.   Tom Rose and the Ivyland New Church have developed an alternative vesper service combining contemplative Jazz with readings from the Word.   This YouTube video gives you a sample: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NH9RWJRTj4