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How to Talk about the New Church

tips and conversation for how to talk about the church

Vance Genzlinger’s “Outreach Training Course”


Dear Friends: I am happy to send you the enclosed “Outreach Training Program” designed by Vance Genzlinger, a longtime member of the Oar Arbor Society.  Vance built this program based on his career in the sales industry and his intense desire to help the people in the church learn how to share the NewChurch with others. He […]


The Lord’s Forgiveness

The Lord’s Forgiveness A few amazing teachings on how the Lord forgives: “The Lord is never angry, never takes revenge, hates, condemns, punishes, throws anyone into hell, or tempts him.  Thus the Lord never does evil to anyone!” (True Christian Religion 650) “There is in fact a sphere continually radiated from the Lord which raises […]

Jesus Christ is the One God of Heaven and Earth

I am citing a few of the many Bible passages that show that Jesus Christ is One with Jehovah the Father.

Thoughts on Developing New Church Evangelistic Methods

Interviews of new members of the Ivyland New Church

Video of why new members chose the New Church


What The Bible Says About….

John Odhner has a series of articles online demonstrating how New Church Thought has a Biblical Basis. You can find them here by using the link in the Blogroll. Doug Taylor did something similar with his book: the Biblical Basis for New Church Teaching, which is, unfortunately out of print. search

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