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Closing the Back Door of Your Church

Congregations in the New Church, as with many denominations, are currently experiencing significant decline in worship attendance.  There are specific things a pastor and congregation can do to reverse that trend.  Closing the Back Door is a paper (click on the colored text to download) that I offered to the General Church Clergy in June, 2017 […]


Simple Strategic Planning for Small Congregations

Simple Strategic Planning Here is a slide deck outlining simple steps for how to come up with a strategic plan for a small congregation.   I am using the method I learned while studying not-for-profit organizations at Columbia University’s School of Business.  I wanted to boil the process down to simplest terms to try to keep […]


Short video on Baptism

Here is a 5 minute video where I attempt to clarify in simple terms why Baptism is both relevant and important.   I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to comment with any thoughts!

Recognizing Ego

I’m excited to share this video of a friend sharing his confrontation with the ego, and how that dramatically improved the quality of his life.  I hope you enjoy! Glenn Shares about the Ego  


Peter Rhodes Speaks about the Ego and its Power

The Ego is a powerful and persuasive force that focuses our attention on ourselves. That selfishness destroys our ability to really connect in human giving ways with others.


Outreach Staff speak to why Small Groups Work


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCgtvrou4N8   This video highlights some reflections my staff had at a recent meeting on how small groups have helped them in their spiritual lives.


Use Google+ to increase your reach at meetings!


Google+ is a great tool to increase the number of people involved at your events. Here’s an example.


Vision: Working your Way Back

Vision: Working your Way Back As part of the opening session for Impact 365, Rev. David Lindrooth spoke about how we can become a church that makes a profound difference in the world. He discussed the process in three parts: clarifying our vision, combining it with prudence (our ability to think, strategize, and gain the […]


Short vid about Social Media and its impact on culture

watch?v=dA5Fn_Q10Tk&feature=related terms

Just What Does Jesus Say About Salvation?


Here is a link to a PDF with some thoughts and quotations about what Jesus Himself says about salvation.  I hope it stimulates some thoughts. What Does Jesus Say By Subject content